Matilde Matilde - UITVERKOCHT

Matilde Matilde - UITVERKOCHT

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1997 (Sony) Overview of Mathilde's work together with some singles previously not appearing on an album and also previously unreleased material: "Windmills of your Mind”, “The Tender Trap”, “Appels op de Tafelsprei” (Dutch), “Beautiful People”, “Inspiratie” (Dutch) and “I believe I can fly”. Contains both English and Dutch songs. With the performance of the Metropole Orchestra among others.

Disk 1

01 I've grown accustomed to your face
02 Water under the bridge
03 The windmills of your mind
04 Tempted
05 Pictures
06 We could send letters
07 Overnite
08 Oblivious
09 Polkadots and moonbeams
10 Only a motion
11 Beauty of the ritual
Simon Smith and the amzing dancing bear
13 Beautiful people
14 Living without you
15 Appels op de tafelsprei

Disk 2

01 Love is a tender trap
02 Lonely at the top
03 Same girl
04 Bad news from home
05 Bad weather
06 Love street
07 Tiny demons
08 Alice in winterland
09 Crazy she calls me
10 Hey Joan
11 Let's burn down the cornfield
12 Just one victory
13 I had a king
14 Some peoples lives
15 De laatste wagen
16 Inspiratie
17 I believe I can fly