1996 (Sony) Produced by Mathilde Santing and Sebastiaan Koolhoven. Varied live album recorded at the Amsterdam Vondelpark and Valkenburg. A driven Mathilde and her Whole Band bring restrained and exuberant ballads and compelling "rock & soul". With mostly new repertoire. Includes “I had a King" (Joni Mitchell), "Some People's Lives" (Janis Ian) and “Let's burn down the Cornfield" (Randy Newman). Also includes four compositions of William "Smokey" Robinson.

01 Crescendo
02 I had a king
03 Beauty of the ritual
04 Just one victory
05 Choosy beggar
06 Hey Joan
07 I don't blame you at all
08 Point it out
09 Is there all there is
10 Let's burn down the cornfield
11 Take it up
12 More love
13 Some peoples lives